Dr Wolz – KinderImmun (powder)

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-For a healthy immune system

-For healthy growth and bone development in children

-During load and performance pressure



The active complex in KinderImmun consists of various natural and valuable ingredients for a healthy immune system. In order to boost our immune, Dr Wolz has developed a product for the whole family, even for pregnant women and nursing mothers. KinderImmun is recommended in times of overexertion and as children are growing up. Especially for children, Vitamin D is needed for healthy growth and healthy bone development.

A strong immune system can prevent us from catching a cold or a virus. KinderImmun is the perfect daily supplement for the whole family because all the ingredients are of natural origin, which makes the product suitable for both children and adults.

Your child’s immune system is not yet fully developed and can be affected, especially during cold months. Also, frequent contact with other children at school and nursery schools enhances the risk of infection even further. Recurrent infections are the most frequent reason for visits to a paediatrician. Current studies report an average of six to eight infections with an average disease duration of seven to ten days a year.

If you are searching for the most natural way to support your child’s immune system KinderImmun is a perfect choice!



Zinc supports our immune system and contributes to a balanced metabolism

  • Exclusively natural
  • Biologically bonded zinc
Lactic acid bacteria (lactobacilli)

Bifidobacteria occur naturally in our intestinal flora

  • It was selected among thousand others because it showed the highest potential in studies
Vitamin C from the acerola cherry

Promotes a normal and healthy immune function

  • A high percentage of naturally sourced vitamin C
  • More bioavailable than synthetic ascorbic acid

Name given to the first milk from cows

  • High-quality concentrate from New Zealand.

Supports a strong intestinal flora

  • A nutrient that supports the effect of lactobacilli
B-complex vitamins

Gives additional support

  • Carefully selected B-complex vitamins – including the folic acid
(1->3), (1->6) – beta D glucans

Very valuable long-chain dietary fibres (natural polysaccharides)

  • Valuable beta-glucans originate from yeast
  • Obtained from the cell walls of the smallest fungus in the world

Active Ingredients

Inulin, Glucans, Acerola cherry juice powder, Colostrum concentrate, Zinc yeast, Lactic acid bacteria (Bifidobacterium longum)

 3 measuring spoons contain:
Vitamin C 48 mg
Vitamin B1 0,66 mg
Vitamin B2 0,84 mg
Vitamin B6 0,84 mg
Vitamin B12 1,5 µg
Folic acid 120 µg
Zinc 3 mg
Vitamin D3 10 µg

Recommended intake:

Children between two and seven years old take two measuring spoons per day. Children older than seven years and adults take three measuring spoons per day.

Stir KinderImmun in cold beverages, yoghurt or desserts of your choice. We recommend that you mix it into cold foods such as yoghurts or deserts.

Please, avoid mixing it into hot meals or beverages so the contained probiotics and colostrum does not get destroyed.

A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.



Dr Wolz