Viridian Organic California Poppy Tincture – 50ml

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Californian Poppy has been used as a sedative for children where there is over-excitability and sleeplessness. It may also help to overcome bedwetting, nervous tension and anxiety.

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Viridian Californian Poppy Tincture is an excellent tincture which can offer many benefits to the user. The primary use for Californian poppy tincture is as a relaxant or sleep aid. It can help to reduce tension or anxiety throughout the day, relieving feelings of restlessness, agitation or stress. For sleep, Californian poppy grants the user a higher quality of sleep much quicker at night, without any side effects of sleeping tablets such as drowsiness. This is one of the best natural supplements you will find for those issues. Californian poppy can also help people with intestinal issues such as IBS, thanks to its anti-spasmodic effects from the natural essential oils.

Kosher: No
Vegan: Yes
Organic: Yes
Allergens: None
Free From: Yes


Organic California Poppy Tincture – 50ml

Directions: Take 15 – 30 drops, 2 -3 times daily in a little fruit juice or water. Children under 12, half adult amount.