Viridian L-Theanine (200mg) and Lemon Balm – 30 Veg Caps

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  • Induces a more relaxed mental state
  • May also help with those suffering from sleeping difficulties that are caused by these problems.
  • It can also help with concentration and brain fog, which is especially good for students who are studying, or those suffering from these symptoms either at work or at home.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Helps to reduce anxiety, stress, nervousness, tension and restlessness
  • Helps with concentration and brain fog
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Viridian L-Theanine & Lemon Balm supplement can offer the user a natural relaxation aid without sedation. L-Theanine is an amino acid which comes almost exclusively from green tea, where it is unsurprisingly responsible for teas calming and relaxing effect. This L-theanine extract acts directly on the brain to induce a sense of calm in the user, helping you de-stress. Lemon balm offers similar benefits in that it can induce a sense of calm in the user, reducing stress and anxiety. It can also prove useful to people who are having troubles sleeping, as it can reduce the time taken to get to sleep and increase the quality of sleep.

Theanine and Lemon balm works quickly, within a single dose. Promotes relaxation and reduces feelings of stress. May also improve focus and memory—just one capsule morning and night.

Kosher: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Organic: No
Allergens: None
Free From: Yes


L-Theanine (200mg) and Lemon Balm – 30 Veg Caps

Directions: As a food supplement, take one capsule 1-2 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.