Mia’s Honey – Tornado in Honey 170g

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  • Contains 2% ginger root
  • Spicy and aromatic
  • Boosts energy and helps digestion
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Who doesn’t know ginger? This originally tropical plant has become completely domesticated in our country, often to be found it in teas, lemonades and recipes. It has a spicy taste and distinctive aroma, even in small quantities. In this honey, you will find 2% ginger root. Even if it doesn’t look as beautiful as the flower itself, it’s where all the beneficial substances are concentrated. They are important medicinal plants in China and Japan, used, among many other things, for boosting vitality and digestion. Not suitable for younger children. Stir if settling occurs. The RDA for ginger honey is 2 tsp for adults and 1 for children over 3.

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Mia's Honey