Dr Wolz – Zell Oxygen® plus

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-To protect our cells from oxidative stress

-To reduce tiredness and fatigue

-During phases of stress e.g. illness, mental or physical stress

-With a poor nutrition

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Zell Oxygen® plus is an orthomolecular product with the special enzyme yeast cells from Dr Wolz, biological protective enzymes as well as vitamins and trace elements (e.g. zinc, selenium). One glass every day provides your body with the perfect amount of valuable cell-supplying and cell-protecting substances.

The cell – the wellspring of our health

In order to be capable of working perfectly, our cells must be able to perform at one hundred per cent. Therefore, our cells have to be supplied and protected by nutrients. The mitochondria, in particular, are at a higher risk. With the help of oxygen and energy-rich compounds, energy is generated within the mitochondria and is used for normal cell function and structure. Meanwhile, a large amount of free radicals are also being produced. Therefore, mitochondria have an exceptionally high need for antioxidant protection.

The positive effects of Zell Oxygen®plus have been proven in in-vivo and in-vitro studies. *

Based on the model of nature – micronutrients in their natural matrix.

The importance of vitamins and micronutrients for our health has been known for a long time. In many products, these micronutrients are often offered as chemically isolated substances. In nature, however, these substances are never found in isolation. They are always incorporated in a matrix with other substances, such as flavonoids (plant pigments), proteins, cell components, etc. Our body needs this matrix in order to be able to utilize all concentrated micronutrients. The enzyme yeast cells in Zell Oxygen®plus provide a natural matrix and thus ensure good bioavailability.

In addition to the enzyme yeast cells, Zell Oxygen® plus contains carefully selected micronutrients and other protective substances. Therefore, Zell Oxygen® plus contributes to cell protection and helps to protect our cells from free oxygen radicals.

Unique fermentation process

Enzyme yeast cells Dr Wolz® are grown in a unique production process, the so-called oxygen enzyme fermentation. This procedure takes several days. In doing so, the cells are grown under oxygen pressure on a specially selected nutrient medium of secondary plant products, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This unique process developed by Dr Wolz ensures that the enzyme yeast cells remain biologically active and still can not multiply in the body.

Recommended intake

Zell Oxygen® plus is a concentrate, therefore dilute 20-30 ml (2-3 tablespoons) per day with 200-270 ml of a beverage of your choice.

Take it all in one- during or after meals, or divide it into smaller portions during the day.

A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential for health.


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