Aruntam – Organic Chocolate 100% Paradiso

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Made in Italy

  • Cultivars
  • Bar 45 g
  • Dark Chocolate 100% min. Cacao Tansania
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Note: particularly intense with notes of citrus, passion fruit, red berries, cream, flowers and final notes of nuts.

Nutritional Value 100 g: Energy 2594 kJ / 620 kcal; Fat 48 g, of which saturates 29,9 g; Carbohydrate 36,5 g, of which sugar 0,0 g; Protein 12 g, Salt 0,01 g.

Storage: this premium chocolate must be properly conserved at a temperature of between 14 and 18 °C and kept away from direct light and sources of excessive heat or cold. If, for example, it is left in the car in summer or winter, it will suffer potentially ruinous heat shock.